Salvatore Dovi


By the age of three Sal had gone through two eye surgeries with each recovery period requiring that Sal have one and eventually both eyes bandaged shut for a lengthy time.


Gingerly making his way around the small Manhattan apartment that Sal lived in with his family, Sal learned to get around by grasping onto furniture and listening for sounds.


Sal attributes these early childhood alterations of his senses as the reason for the sensitivity within his artwork today. "Seeing with my mind forced my imagination to be a world that I learned to trust."


Using feel and sound Sal became versed at visualizing his environment in his mind. Combining the textures he touched and the sounds he heard Sal's darkness began to have shape, color and light.


This sensitivity to light and texture has not wavered over the years and it is still very evident in Sal's work today. Sal's studio has entered the world of filmmaking - his studio started producing movie projects in 2010.


"Creating the moving picture is very exciting for me, however what I find equally as rewarding is working with sound!" Salvatore Dovi